RBB-Teller Authoriser – Tandur


  • Full Time

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Job Description
Achieving Sales Objectives: Ensure that Tellers generate Sales References for Liability products Ensure Cross Sell leads for Credit Cards are given to the BDR Penetration of Saving Accounts on non liability customers Active Signup of Enet facility to Corporate having Salary relationships Ensure that customers opt for and get facilities of CBDT collections Generate leads for Third Party Products to the customers a.
MF/Insurance/RBI Bonds Enhancing customer wallet size a.
Ensuring that customers make us their primary bank i.
Knowing about where all the customer is currently banking and moving him to our Bank ii.
Sales to associates or customers network B.
Customer Services: Lobby Management a.
Queue handling Branch Administration including house keeping, upkeep, etc Ensure quality customer service is delivered a.
Manage irate customers if required or escalated Recording complaints as per the specified process Resolving all complaints received (self, branch, other units) within the stipulated TATs pertaining to Teller area a.
Monitor all complaints received and ensure that staff are closing it within the TAT b.
Improve customer communication on closures c.
Check with customers if the process of complaint has been managed well Preventive complaint management a.
Asking for feedback from customers, who are not complaining b.
Discussing with staff the importance of getting feedback from customers on a regular basis Promoting all direct banking channels and ensuring that the customer is utilizing the same.
Ensure that all Tellers are dressed as per the dress code & grooming standards C.
Operations: Online Authorisation of cash/ transfer transactions and issue of DD/ MC Vault Custodian Priority processing of Imperia and Preferred Customers Identification and Closure of TOD accounts on regular basis Identification and Closure of High Cheque return customers beyond the threshold.
Reduction or Closure of High Transacting Customers Migrating customers to RTGS/NEFT Error Free operations Quick and Error Free Processing of CBDT/Income Tax Challans and US Visa Fees Efficiency Related Operations a.
Reduce or improve on Band 1 and Band 2 Customers b.
Reduce Band 1 and Band 2 Txns Process on forged notes to be adhered (FIR filing etc.
) FX transactions authorization/ supervision and reporting a.
Monitoring of dummy accounts, suspense accounts, deferred accounts, accounts payable/ receivable, Reconciliation and maintenance of suspense accounts register as per the required format D.
Managing Teller counter: Teller counter supervision Cash management and liaison with Currency Chest Monitoring of salary uploads Monitor Security Stationery at appropriate reorder levels Checking/ Monitoring of EOD reports (BJR/ Instruments issued report/ EOD cash position/UBS Interface entries BJR etc.
) NRE Credit monitoring Monitor large cash transactions & adhering to KYC norms Includes large DD/MC issuance from Band 1 & 2 customers.
Reporting and Maintenance: Reporting of fortnightly Suspense/Suspect / TOD and QRS reports.
Reporting of all Large cash txns Bulk Stock Register Maintenance Timely reporting of FX to Local Tag/Treasury Mid office within Cutoff times Timely Reporting of CBDT and US Visa documents within Cutoff times Maintenance of Cash Shortage/ Excess Register & proper filing of approvals Guidelines as per the branch ops process while ensuring filling of vault annexure register.
Maintenance of records/ register for host entry postings GL209 Maintenance of Voucher Movement Register Periodic exchange of keys lodged with other branch Key movement register monitoring CBDT schedules reporting to TBG Filing of UBS interface reports( BA Reports) Recording and Maintenance of Free DD/MC issuance register for RM Customers as per process Recording of SYS passwords and timely monitoring of the same.
Staff Management: Ensure that all tellers are adequately trained on the Products of the bank Ensure that all staff are trained on the process to be followed (including amendment with new circulars) Monitor Staff productivity and give guidance on improving the same in conjunction with the BM Ensure that all Tellers are sent for class room training on a regular basis.

1. Banking Product Knowledge
2. Planning and Organizing Skills
3. Team Management / Interpersonal Skills
4. Sales and Influencing Skills
5. Communication – Written and verbal both
6. Knowledge of Competition
7. Awareness of Banking regulations
8. Awareness of TF & FX
9. Team Management

Job Overview