Operations Executive – WB Ops – Bhubaneswar


  • Full Time

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Clearing Operations Inputting of Cheques received with due diligence and accurate transaction process within respective accounts Tally of clearing submissions with respective Suspense accounts and booking of Receivables and Payables under intimation to the Unit Head.
Identify and return eligible/returned cheques to the presenting bank/respective customers.
Maintain cheque return registers and other records.
To ensure timely processing of all cheques within the cut-off time, Raise referrals for the cheques as applicable and return the same within the permissible time CMS Operations Timely inputting and ensuring CMS transactions are authorized with correct client codes.
Ensure to dispatch the schedules to the right location in time To ensure timely presentation of cheques received under schedules for collection after verification Follow up / send tracers for schedules in case not received Tracking for return instruments marked by other branches and dispatch to customers.
Follow-up with drawee bank for early realization of Clean product schedules.
Remittances Operations Flawless, accurate inputting of transaction in the related systems.
Suspense Account monitoring at the end of day after completion of all transactions.
Immediate response to customer/branch queries.
Handling of Returns, timely dispatch to respective customers.
Depository Operations Conduct Depository activity in co-ordination with the Unit-in-charge Inputting delivery instruction received for the day after due verification and controls within the applicable cut off time.
Process request for re-issuance of Delivery Instruction Books.
Generate reports to identify failed transactions and act.
Trade Finance Operations Conduct preliminary scrutiny of documents to identify the FTR and FTNR Inward, Scanning and indexing of documents in Trade stream system.
Inputting of transactions in Flexcube Corporate system and Raising of transactions for rates in Dealpro system.
Conduct various types of follow-up with client and business as per the product.
Spool advises as necessary.
Handover of documents to clients after conducting the necessary checks.
Generate all necessary reports for tracking, call back, Post Due Obligations, Outstanding etc.
Sort and arrange all documents for conducting call back and for archival purposes.
Conduct filing of all reports, documents, hosting of all records in RMS/Archival system for record maintenance purpose.
Closure of IDPMS / EDPMS and curing of unreconciled entries.
Retail Asset Operations Ensure to conduct receipt of Login Files Barcoding.
Conduct basic Credit Parameter checking and audit of file.
Ensure Transaction Origination System checklist completion and scanning initiating in Transaction Origination System.
Marking FTNR and informing business in TOS.
Release of Hold and co-ordinating with Central Credit Processing Agency.
Storage of Files and Keeping of Approved but not disbursed.
Destruction of files approved but not disbursed >45 days, Rejected >15 days and Decision pending >60 days.
Receipt of Pre- Disbursement file.
Marking FTNR in Loan Origination System or Laser Soft.
Initiating disbursement of cases.
Disbursement Advice cum Delivery Order delivery status checking on File Transfer Protocol and printing of Disbursement advice cum delivery order/Housekeeping.
Checking Daily Disbursement Report, conducting call back.
Scanning of Files and Indexing in IDEA-RAS system.
Preparing e-Record of Delivery, dispatch the files, maintaining Courier Register, mail management.
Handling Customers at Client Service Desk counter and Logging in Client Walk-in Tracker.
Updation of Hologram/Original Registration Certificate handover registers.
Checking and Resolution of Query/FTNR through Electronic System Foreclosure report.
Swapping physical instalment cheques with Automated Clearing House/ECS mandates/Standing Instruction orders.
No Objection Certificate printing, dispatching, delivery tracking and updation in Finnone system.
Receipt of Post Due Documents/Updation and Dispatch.
Ensure that the TAT in maintained.
Ensure that all registers/records etc.
are updated, filed and kept under safe custody.
Retail Liability Operations To ensure proper in-warding of Account Opening Forms and CASA instructions received from Retail branches and business RMs, in system.
To ensure that the Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering guidelines are meticulously followed.
Ensure timely checking and processing of Account opening Forms.
To Keep track of not received, Hold and processed Account Opening Forms and CASA Instructions.
Timely dispatch of forms and instructions to mapped CPU.
Payment Operations Acknowledgment of Vendor and Travel Claims initiated by staffs.
Verification of Vendor and travel Bills, along with details updated in system Scanning and Upload images in VBMS within TAT Generate all necessary reports for tracking and Conduct filing of all reports and Claim documents Other Relations Responsibilities To ensure there is no sharing of system passwords in the section.
To ensure that the process for password handover/takeover is followed.
To manage all vouchers and records as per laid down guidelines.
To ensure that rubber stamps are affixed as prescribed.
Timely processing of all records in the RMS/Archival system as per laid down guidelines.
Maintain relevant registers and documents.
Store all security documents, instruments, etc.
in FRFC under dual custody.
Ensure generation of all the relevant reports for all the functions.
To convert customer on digital platform.
Participate in various Corporate Social Responsibility activities of the bank.

Banking Product & Process Knowledge
Planning and Organizing Skills
Basic Knowledge of Computer System
Experience in Banking Operations


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